La Nouvelle Mode

La Nouvelle ModeToday, kings have almost lost the magnanimous power of their disguise. Their monarchical figure is only symbolic and preserved only in a few countries, so that the elderly have something to talk about during the afternoon tea. The well dressed, in order to preserve their position of power will try to continue the tradition and device the tie. The tie, however, which will constitute a primary symbol of power, will also be worn by slaves. Only that the ones worn by the well dressed are sold in Paris or Milano, and sewn by tie-wearing slaves.

According to contemporary historians, there are two kinds of men who want to wear ties: those who assume that they look better in them and those who suspect that they look more serious. There are two kinds of the latter group: businessmen and politicians. This group belongs to the Tie Man, who has dominated the world throughout the twentieth century. To throw people off, however, Tie Man invents the Olympic Games, where some believe that people around the world are dressed in their typical costumes. So, Mexicans are portrayed with giant sombreros, Russians with baggy trousers, French with polka dot shirts, and so on. Everything is staged tho.

At the beginning of XXI century, the tie begins to fade and only thieves obsessed with money wear it for pleasure. Tie Man knows his days are numbered. His companies steal millions from the poor, his countries initiate absurd wars and he does nothing to hide his wickedness. The decline of Tie Man is a known fact. Tie Man is sinking, he reaches out, but not to save himself, but in an effort to snatch a newer, more expensive tie than the one he already has, right before dying. This is the best thing about la nouvelle mode. The punishment is poetic and exemplary.