3 Reasons You Should Consider Studying French at University

French is a major world language, spoken in 5 continents by nearly 300 million people. It is the 6th biggest language in the world, the third most used on the internet and a lot easier to master than Mandarin. Learning a second language is good for your mind and great for your career and cultural awareness. Studies show bi-lingual people have more grey matter in their brain, and speaking another language even delays the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. French is also the universally recognised as the language of love, and that can only be a good thing.

shutterstock_218641597French for Lovers of Business, Culture and Food

In my opinion the three key reasons to learn French are: 1. The career opportunities. French combined with business studies for example, will set you apart from competition, and give you opportunities for a truly international career. 2. Cultural knowledge and awareness. You can never fully understand another culture if you don’t speak the language. 3. Mastering the menus. It is actually a brilliant thing to be able to understand menus and know how to pronounce Bordeaux and Beaujolais. Check out ucdavisuniversity.com to learn more about the benefits of studying French at University and help you choose the right path for you.

Speaking French Opens Exciting Opportunities

Historically French is the language of philosophers, diplomats and lovers and still widely spoken in Europe and Africa. So why is it useful to study it in university? There are so many reasons, and you can choose from the sensible; because it’s a world language and means I can do business globally, to the more emotive: I’d like to be able to impress my date in a fancy French restaurant. Whatever your reasons, French is a great language to know and fluency in French makes it easier to learn other Romance languages such as Spanish and Italian.